Need Help To Rank My Gig


Hello, Everyone! Actually I have a gig on first page 3rd serial but suddenly my gig get down on 8th serial on first page some new gigs are taken my place it’s ok but I didn’t get any orders from long time. So, what should I do to get orders and rank my gig on top? anyone can help me please!

How to improve my profile/gigs?

It happened because fiverr algorithm is changed. Keep promoting your gig and use “Buyer Request” option.


The answer is simple. Deliver more orders that are worthy of great reviews. Great reviews, over time, can move a gig closer to the top of search results.


@jonbaas If she doesn’t get any order, then how will she deliver more orders? :grinning:


Keep promoting your gig and use “Buyer Requestt” option


can you help me >?? how can add buyer request option ? @sashaword


Click on selling option drop down and then click buyer request , then apply or send offer


thank you dear… i found it… you are too much helpfull…


You need to think outside of the box to answer this question. And you need to stop expecting that the only source of orders is from the Fiverr search engine. Sellers can – and should – promote their gigs on their own – outside of Fiverr, wherever their target customers are located – and, by doing so, work to bring in their own customers and clients.


Yes you are right i am using facebook groups to promote my gigs its a great help.


thank you dear… i found it… you are too much helpfull… This artical.


I want to change my gig picture. Can anyone suggest me that is it good for my gig or it’s harmful? Thanks!


not harmfull. but you lose your rank for 48 hours. after 48 hours you can get rank . but if you donot get back rank then please contact with customer care.


Thanks! For your sugession.


welcome dear | have a great day


It is really great, Use Video as well you can create videos by using videomakerfx or camatasia


I also faced same problem and try to marketing social media as much as I can? Don’t know what will be next but hope for come back good time.