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Need Help To recover My Account

Hello Peoples
This is Sumit and I need Help Someone to Recover my Fiverr Account.
My Account is Disable and I am in Big Trouble. this is my only a single source of earning. I am a new and also a fresher on fiverr. when I start work and start earn money then my account is are disable.

Please Help Someone.

Do a search for ‘account disabled’ using the maginfying glass on the top right - it’s been asked about a few times today…:slightly_smiling_face:


yes I will do it. I am try to recover my account


What did you do to get yourself in this :cucumber:pickle?

During the signup process did you read Fiverr’s ToS?

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Place a ticket to CS, They’ll get back to you and would assist you further what to do next & what could be amend at the moment. Second thing is, Do read TOS & obey them while making your gigs & establishing profile.