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Need Help To Sell my First Gig


Fiverr is a wonderful place to work. But do not think it’s so easy if you’re new. For example, I have two new gigs in Fiverr but no order is available.
I’m almost frustrated but I’m sitting for work. I have been there for 24 hours online, all the time I have given everything to Fiverr, but I do not get any responsions.I am still trying to see how my career can be taken forward by fiverr. So So never lose hope.
This is my fiverr Gig Link You can check or advice me anything.


Fiverr is not supposed to be easy. Just like any business, you will have to work hard for your sales and success.

Are you doing anything to earn your orders? Or are you just sitting back waiting and hoping someone will randomly buy from you? If you want orders, you’re going to have to go out and find them. Figure out who your target customers are, do some research to determine where those customers are located, and then go to those places, and creatively tell those customers about what you do, and ideally, how you can solve their problems.

Your success is YOUR responsibility. We are not going to help you get sales. You are going to have to do that on your own. After all, you are a freelancer. A freelancer is a businessman. And, I assume, you are here on Fiverr to run a business.

Don’t sit and wait. Do something productive to work for your orders.

No, you have given nothing to Fiverr. Sitting and waiting is not a productive action, therefore, you have done – given – nothing. Stop sitting and waiting! Find your customers, reach out to them, and encourage them to purchase your services.

Hope does not build businesses, ACTION does. Take action, and build your business!


I can help you with social media.


Right. Thank you for your nice replay, there will be nothing sitting on the table. I have to find out who is my client


I Don’t Know How?
Can You Please Describe me a little bit.
I will be really grateful if you Help me.


Hi,I never ever promote my gigs on social media or I never do any kind of marketing.but still iam getting orders.


I’m thinking that I’ve talked with many people all of them have received orders.Nobody did any promotion on social media.