Need Help to senior fiverr users


why buyer did not Giver Response when they do message to the seller …many buyers message to me but they did not response when i try to done the deal with them


Need response quickly if you not able to respond quickly they don’t wait for you.


my response rate is very good even my status goes online 24/7 but i am not getting any good response from buyers


Perhaps you need to have a look at what you’re sending in reply to buyers’ requests?


i just discussed with them about their tasks i don’t know what i am doing wrong


They probably eventually decided to go with another seller?


THey should think before messaging…


They’re messaging you to figure out if they want to work with you…that’s the thinking.


They also message to see if you are fluent in English. Some sellers say they are and the buyer wants to see how fluent the seller’s English is before they buy.


very odd for me when i try to satisfied them and then not get any positive response


Well, trying and succeeding can be different. What have you been saying?


they even did not tell that they are interested in my services or not


Yes, because if a buyer is messaging with 30 different sellers to figure out which one they’re interested in working with, sometimes they might go with a single one and not remember to message the rest. It sucks, I guess, but can you really blame them?


i think english does not make any sense here…how you can ignore skills of any person just because of english


Sometimes people want good communication in their own language. It sucks, but it’s a factor that some buyers take into consideration.


i think we are doing good communication with each other…so this type of communication is enough for a common person


Again, that’s what you think. Do you know for sure if the buyer is thinking the same way?

It may be enough for you, but the buyer might want something more.


may be my patience give me reward


THanks for valuable suggestions


Just this weekend a buyer was on the Forum saying he wished he had not hired a seller because he found it hard to communicate with that person. At any rate, it is the buyers choice. We can only say what we feel the issue is.