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Need Help Understanding This - Regarding Feedback Modification Request


I truly need help understanding how asking for a feedback modification works.

Customer Support advised me to go to Resolution Center and follow the steps mentioned there.

Therefore, here’s what I did:

  • Went to Resolution Center and selected: I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer

  • Then I selected the only option: Ask the buyer to modify their feedback

  • Filled-in the message explaining the situation and hit the continue button.

  • The following appears on my order page: You offered to modify your review

No, Fiverr, I did not offer to modify my review. I didn’t even leave one yet.

Could someone explain how does it really work? Am I the only one who does not understand the logic behind it? I tried it two times with different buyers, embarrassing myself only to send and withdraw it the next minute.

(If the same question has been asked before I’m sorry. I didn’t find it when trying to search for it.)


Think this as: You are asking the buyer to modify his/her review.
The sentence there is indeed not so clear… :slight_smile:


I tried thinking that way, but it says ‘‘offered’’. It’s not like I’m offering the buyer the chance to modify his review.

I wonder how do buyers see it?

‘‘The seller offered to modify his/her review?’’ / ‘‘The seller offered you to modify your review?’’

It makes no sense to me :confused:


if you got bad feedback from buyer, then you have an option for asking them for changing feedback…if they agree they will accept your request and change or modify review…

Is it clear to you?


@rajugreenlover Did you read my post and see the screenshots? :blush: