Need help! urgent


Hello guys!

As you can see on the image I will be demoted in 2 days because my order completion rate is not 90%.

Is there anyone that need video editing or any kind of graphic work for personal or business use.

I’ll do practically anything for only $5 and with delivery time of few hours just to increase my stats and to save my level.

I know this is not the right category because I’m promoting myself but I need help.

There are few active orders on my gig but they will require more time and I can’t finish them so fast.


Finish some easiest orders soon from your active orders … i think this is the only way to increase the order completion rate.


I’m already done but I’m not sure is it gonna help.


You are allowed to promote your gigs in My Fiverr Gigs where it has now been moved and post a link in the actual post but not in the heading.


Make some buyer request for discounted price from your any easiest categories … i think if you can finish one or two it will be come to 90