Need help Urgent


I just discus 1 project with a person on fiverr and i send him $200 offer and he just declined
but he is keep saying that paypal cut $200 from my account and now you have to work for me or just send my money back or i call the police. And on my side there is no new order ?? i ask him to contect with fiver or create dispute on paypal but he keep saying you have to pay again and again. how stupid he is.

can some one please help in this how to block this person ??


you made order on fiverr or outside fiverr?


no i send offer through fiverr and he decline the offer


Click report here and block him


Thanks for helping . i was using mobile app and there is report button over there :stuck_out_tongue:
you can close this topic


You welcome brother. Hope will solve this matter


Just do simple thing report him,
also contact customer support they will complete block