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Need help Urgently!

Hello Communities, I have a Important Work and need to go another city without laptop,internet. may be i will back last week of September month, 4 orders I just delivered, need to go tomorrow it’s urgent! i want to do my profile In vacation Mood, My question is if i do my profile in vacation mood and buyer want to some changes and do modification then What i do? i’m in trouble ! please help me. or if i confirm 4 orders Wait More 2 days then in this 2 days i get 2 or More orders, i can’t cancel . my cancellation rate are Down day by day buyers order me by mistake and tht’s why my cancellation rating are Down, i don’t want to more cancellations . :frowning:

so now if i Do my profile On vacation Mood can i do delivery 4 buyers file (If need modification) .

if i go and Orders Automatically Complete after 3 days and then buyer come to my inbox and ask me hey i need to Change something But its too late order are Complete. can you Do this Job On inbox, i’m on vacation i cant Check my profiles buyers tried to Inbox me at least if they go to the Delivery Section and get me a negative review , then :frowning: i’m Really Want to know What i can do? please help me.

i don’t Want negative review and also dn’t want job incomplete!
one days left buyers Still Not Come Online and didn’t checked delivery Files. and one buyer are online but Didn’t accept ta delivery i inbox Her but no replies back :frowning:

please help me. i need to go urgently Within 30 hours :frowning: :frowning:

If you’re planning to go on vacation mode, just tell the buyers you’re going on vacation and you’ll be back end of September.

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Usually it’s always best to turn on vacation mode a few days before your leave starts, so you have enough time for those pending orders.

All you can do is let your buyers know and hope they will understand.

Edit to add: Since you won’t have access to a laptop and internet VM is the best option. Make sure to turn it on as soon as possible. Also, if you have any recent custom offers you sent make sure to cancel these as well.

You might also want to leave a message on you gigs. For example “Out of Town until September 30th.”


Thank you madam for Your reply! if i on VM then no one can order my gig right? ok got it! Now i just want to tell my 4 buyers i’m going out!

Thank You for your help!

Correct. Make sure to cancel all custom offers you have sent in the past couple of days. Another thing the “Direct Link” should be disabled as well.


Thank you soo Much mam! i just turn Off My Direct Link of My gigs!

btw if i on my VM now can i do revision of My Work if any Buyers Need Modification from Those 4 Delivers ?

Yes, your buyers will still be able to request a modification.

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Thanks! Now i clear! thank you so much! now i’m going to VM Mood

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just tell the buyers you’re going on vacation and you’ll be back end of September.