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Need help urgently

Client want to talk with me via skype for explain his task. So can i talk with him via skype?

Please help me


No - please explain to your client that this is outwith the Fiverr ToS, and all communication must be done through Fiverr messaging.

Good luck! :sunny:


No, ask the client to talk to you through Fiverr only. It may even result in your account being permanently banned.

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You could ask Customer Support about it, though, they can look at the conversation between you and the client and might give you permission if they think it´s really needed. But do not do it without asking Customer Support and waiting for their reply.
And if you think it´s not really needed to talk via Skype and your customer could just as well explain it to you by inbox conversation, I´d just go with what offlinehelpers said, maybe send your client a link to Fiverr’s ToS, and read them yourself, as well, if you haven´t yet.


Ok thanks for your reply

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I got the message from Fiverr support team


You have already got the answer. Tell your client bluntly that you can only chat through Fiverr.

it is against the TS of Fiverr, so don’t do it

Thanks a lot for your advice

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you are welcome:grinning: