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NEED HELP: Website created by fiverr suspended


I paid someone to put up a website and to manage it. However, he is no longer on Fiverr and the website was suspended. This is a business website and I need it running. What can we do?


Hello @cconrad1966,

i would suggest you to send a ticket and tell CS about your problem.
Here’s the link

In case you don’t find any solution, then you need to consider about hiring others that already have credibility.

Hope it will help you :smiley:


Possibly the seller violated any of Fiverr rules, and Fiverr terminated their account.
Do you have hosting details ? If you know your hosting details ,you can contact hosting support .


Why did you ask him to manage it? Were you not able to manage it yourself?


Then you should own the domain, the hosting service, and all the data.


Since he is gone and the site is gone you should get a refund if the order included him managing it at this time.

Yes you should own it and know enough about it to run it yourself.