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Need help with a Issue Clint forcing me to cancel the order


I got a order from a guy on fiver, he was nice at start, after i submitted my work he start to abuse me and forcing me to cancel the order., what should i do now ?


No buyer can force you to cancel an order. If you did the work according to the terms and details of your gig, then decline his cancellation attempts. You deserve to get paid for the work that you do.


Your gig says 100% money back guarantee!


You could let Clint cancel if he wants to (unless that would be against the TOS). If he’s entered anything in messages that should be reported you could report the messages. You could also remove the 100% money back guarantee message from the gig description if you don’t want other buyers asking to cancel in future. You could also offer to do revisions instead of cancelling.


Think of your 20% cut to Fiverr as a kind of insurance policy, a way to ensure that your buyer can’t run away without paying you. Fight this.


Sorry to hear that. Contact Fiverr’s Customer Support about this matter because they are the ones that can best assist you…Please click on the link below to visit Fiverr’s CS page

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Hi @culedefcb,

Besides what everyone has said to you, specially removing the 100% money back guarantee, I would advise to cancel.

Please don’t take me wrong. You only have 1 review and in that situation, if you get a bad reviews - and everything shouts that will be the most probable to happen - you will find yourself in big trouble, being the first one, the inability to access Buyer Requests (BR).

So I really, really, strongly recommend you to cancel and don’t gamble with the review.


I usually would say never agree to cancel after you delivered your order.

BUT you are offering 100% money back guarantee and fiverr oriented on delivering your orders according to gig description. If your description says money back guarantee fiver still can cancel your order because you didn’t deliver what’s promised.

I would say to keep your word and refund them. They might be just fishing but you offered money back and now for some reason you don’t like this.

If you don’t want to be in this situation ever again then don’t offer money back guarantee and unlimited revisions.
So this should be a big lesson for you.


I would never buy from a seller that offers a money back guarantee even though it can work out in my favor. It just reminds me of those get rich infomercials.


thanks i’ll edit right now.