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Need help with a problem


I uploaded a gig video over a week ago and it was being reviewed for approval. They said it usually take 24 hours for reviewing but it has been more than a week and nothing happened and I can’t make my gig active.
So to the people who are or will be reviewing my gig video can see why it is taking so long?
Thank you.


Wow, a week really does seem long. Have you tried contacting Customer Support about it? I think that’s something of concern already.


No I haven’t contacted customer support yet.


I think here anyone can’t help you to fix any technical issue. you should contact with CS about this issue. :slight_smile:


Okay but how can I see the URL of my gig?


Go to gigs page and then click the preview of your any gig. You will find the link/url of your gig on the address bar of your web browser. :slight_smile: