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Need Help with Account Restriction

Hi, I provide bookkeeping services. Every time I talk to a buyer, and I say “pay”, it sends me an alert not to do business outside of Fiverr. But I have to say things like “payment” and “payroll” to find out what bookkeeping my client needs. I’m not doing anything wrong. For example, I had a buyer say that they need their customer payments applied to their invoices. This is a bookkeeping thing. So I said, yes, I can apply customer payments. I also ask people, do you need payroll services? I get a warning for that.
Fiverr sends me warnings all the time. But I cant’ help it.

So, yesterday a lady asked me if I could correct all the customer payments from 2020. But she also said “we can take this outside of Fiverr”. I ignored that she wanted to make a deal outside of Fiverr and asked her questions about what she needed. Then I sent her a custom offer. But, since I said the trigger word “pay” several times and she made that comment, now my account is restricted. I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t figure out how to contact support. What can I do?


Contact with Fiverr CS.

How do I contact customer service?

here the link:

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Thank you! I submitted a ticket.

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I would contact customer support and see if there is something that they can do. Also I would try not to get too many warnings maybe use another word because if you get too many reports your account can get terminated. I can see that you have tried to use other words but you could use something that is not related to paying at all.

Hope that can help you.

Best of luck. :smiley: :smiley:

You can write charge instead of payment.

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That’s a good idea but some words are institutional and people are used to with it. Fiverr should identify those words and should rectify themselves. However raising ticket to the CS is the only solution right now.

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You can just add a dot . in the word like “p.ay” or “payemen.t”. It works. There is the same problem with words like “email”, you write “e.mail”…

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In accounting, a charge and a payment are two different things. Creating an invoice is charging the customer. Receiving the money for the invoice is the customer payment.