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Need help with Animated SVGs Software?

Hi Recently I have taken up Whiteboard Animation as it is a very powerful tool for business.
I am not a pro yet so I usually take Normal Svgs for a WB Animaton.
I got a Question for pros here
How can I make Animated Svgs for my WB Animation?
Thanks for sharing.

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Seems like you are already offering two gigs for animated videos, one of them starting at $50 no less, and yet you come to the forum to learn how to produce such videos?

Only offer gigs that you can do.

And by the looks of your reviews and diversified gigs you are just trying to offer everything but the kitchen sink, regardless of your skill level.


I’m sorry if you perceived my input as an insult.

I was under the impression you were trying to create a sustainable income for yourself.

And so your backwards way of thinking will not get you far.

Feel free to ignore my remark and forge ahead as planned.

Thank you for thinking I am a hotshot! :slight_smile:


Typical snob Bye :slight_smile:

I think you should consider what he told you. He is a PRO Seller.
As for the video, I think the price is a bit too high. There are many sellers that offer much higher quality starting with $ 50.
This category is very competitive, with many talented sellers.

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Look, if someone responds to your post, they don’t get anything out of it. In fact, they invest their time to give you some feedback. He mentioned your pricing, so what? Your title is: Need help with Animated SVGs but, this is not the place to ask for tutorials. Obviously you want to learn and investing into new skills is probably the best you can do. There are many sites out there to look at but coming here and writing:

… will not get you very far.


you are right,it just is I am like all of you who are online-quick to judge.
I see you are an animator too.
Do you have any advice for me?

I’m not sure you can animate SVGs…at least I never found any. I do whiteboard animation and your software may or may not be able to handle animated GIFs. What software do you use?

The only two software formats I seen that whiteboard software could handle is

  1. Animated GIFs
  2. Flash

I have seen some people do some very interesting things using adobe illustrator and layers that looked like animation but it is a skill level I never learn. You also have to be concerned about size. Usually any animation format is large and it may cause issues.

I guess if I was really going to give it a shot I would google Animation Adobe Illustrator and see if that gives you any results.

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