Need help with Buyer Request


hello, please i need help getting an order with the buyer request option i have tried every possible tip i have read about please if you have a contribution i will appreciate it greatly.


Buyer orders are for you
Therefore, the buyer always sends requests
There is no way to help others


Send 10 buyers request everyday to get orders!!! :slight_smile:


i have sent more than 6 a day but i haven’t gotten any order yet


Perhaps you aren’t making any offers that are more appealing than your competition. Just because you post a response to a seller’s request, does not mean that you will gain a sale. You are completing with 20-30 other sellers. Consider it a job interview. You need to offer a better deal than your competitors if you want to win the job (aka, sale).


The day was 10
It will not be ordered
It’s the buyer’s consent
Will be given orders
You send requests to appeal to the purchaser