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Need help with deleting facebook ad account

I am looking for someone to simply help me to deactivate a facebook ad account… I had previously let someone pay me, about a year ago today to use my business manager and I cannot run ads of my own because of faulty, inaccurate payment/billing info! and I dont want anything to be messed up or anything I just want to start fresh. I tried asking sellers but they all say that it is not in their range of whatever as an excuse to not just help me out for one second.

yes there should just be a simple “select ad account” then deactivate on the bottom of the page, but there is not.

as well, I have looked for help on facebook and the above is what they show/tell me to do. which isnt helping. I have contacted the support to tell them that there is no deactivate option ANYWHERE

yes i am the admin and everything, please help

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Sorry to hear that. Go to the Paypal account that you had earlier connected with your Facebook account for payment. Click to deactivate automatic payment to Facebook. I hope this helps.

i cannot because it was somebody else that set up THEIR account with their info.

What does that mean? Is it your money being used for ads? You provided password and other login information to someone?

thinking I was never going to use ads manager or any of that, I let someone off craigslist to post an ad and make a page with all of their info, excluding the name of the business which is my name…for 50$ I have the login info secure and I am the admin.

I actually just checked and it says that it will be deactivated soon… as soon as they see there is no outstanding balances so I must have done something right.