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Need Help with Fiverr APP


Sorry for this dumb question. But, what does this mean?

“You’ll remain Online for as long as the app is open”.

  1. Keep the app open, and don’t let the screen sleep.

  2. Keep the app open, and let the screen sleep. (makes some sense)

  3. Open the app, minimize it, and let the screen sleep. (makes more sense)

Any help? :smiley:


As long as you have the app running, other members can see that you are online and think you may respond quickly to them.


Thanks. I think I should perform some experiments.


You can actually achieve the Three (3) simultaneously. Open the app, set the ‘sleep, after period of inactivity’ mode of phone to “indefinite” or “no limit”. Then decrease the screen brightness to zero - while your phone charges. And you are asleep or doing something else.


If you’re trying to give yourself the edge and distinguish yourself from those who are not online, consider the potential gains versus the amount of hassle involved in doing this. Consider the vast time zones and how many people organically remain online at various times during their working day. If you manage to game the system to appear online for more hours than you actually are, how much of a headstart are you actually giving yourself? the front page of any Fiverr category or search page is filled with people who have a lot of sales and positive reviews. Just having a green dot does not elevate your gig in the search results. In fact, it doesn’t achieve anything.

As a corollary, if a buyer sees that you have reasonable response time and 5-star ratings, you are almost never going to be rejected only because there is no green dot at the time the buyer was browsing your gig page. “Seller replies within 6 hours/ 12 hours” is good enough.

In fact, the kind of buyer who expects a reply on the spot might not exactly be the kind of buyer you might adore in the long run. Just write a proper sales pitch and go to sleep. You will have orders when you wake up. Deliver on time.

No amount of gaming on Fiverr generates commensurate positive results. Yet, no one take that advice seriously, they invest too much time and efforts trying to game the system, fail to get and dividends, then complain that Fiverr is too much work.



It has been a week, since I’m using this app. And, I feel that it has some advantages.

I can now communicate with my buyers when they are ONLINE. Something like LIVE chat. Instead of sending them a message, and waiting for 3-4 hours to get a reply, I can communicate with them instantly.

And, yes, I’ve lots of things to improve. :slight_smile:

LEVEL 2 BADGE, I’m coming! :slight_smile: