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Need help with fiverr gig

I’m currently struggling with orders and impressions, could anyone kindly check out my gigs on fiverr and guide me on how to improve it and get more orders.


Based on the titles it seems like you have 2 gigs that are the same thing.
One says “do gaming video editing for youtube” and the other one “do youtube gaming video editing”.
You should only have 1 gig per service.

Gig: I will do youtube gaming video editing
In all 3 packages “upto” could be “up to”

In “I will do stunning youtube video editing” at around 4 to 8 secs into the video the person on the mountain shows what looks like distortion. Maybe it’s intentional or maybe it’s an interpolation artefact or something.

In " I will design creative and unique logo design" maybe it doesn’t need so much of the gig description highlighted.


Alright thanks so much