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Need help with how to hire a seller

Hello I know it has been discussed here a million times
How do I hire a seller of his services ?
Fiverr is painfully so difficult to use for buyers, seems like it
is focused on sellers than buyers if the case is a very bad mistake
because buyers are equally very important because without them the
sellers will not make a buck.
My first time at fiverr but the flaws are just too manyfor someone like me
who only buys

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Konichiwa Marvelsolns,
Fiverr gives quite a A LOT of precedence to buyers on their platform.
More than you can imagine! (Go through the seller’s forums to see how many sellers are actually complaining of Fiverr being partial to Buyers).

Now lets move on and see if I can guide you.

What type of service are you looking for?
I am assuming you have already tried searching through Fiverr’s search panel?


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What are you having difficulty with?It seems like a very straight forward process. If you cannot find someone offering what you are looking for then submit a buyer request with as much detail as possible.
It is important to read up on Fiverr’s Terms of Service so you know how things work. If you have specific questions please ask them here and I (and others) will try to help.

I’ve bought a few gigs here on Fiverr, so let me see if I can help. You can do this 1 of 3 ways.

(1) Go to “Find Services” bar and type in your requirements. As an example, I will type in proofread and about a thousand sellers will be listed.

(2) Go to Fiverr main page and look at the white bar below the Logo/Find Services bar. There is a whole slew of items. If you put your mouse over each, a sub-category of items will be listed; pick one of them.

Once you have done one of the two above, you can refine your search: delivery time, service type, etc. If you see a “T” inside a yellow circle, those are top rated sellers (I’ll let you look up what that is, if you do not already know).

Choose one, read their gig description, order detail and (most importantly) take a look at how recently they delivered their last gig. Don’t make the mistake of some newbies do and order from someone whose last delivery was over a year ago. It probably means they are no longer online and just didn’t disable their gig.

If the seller has made a recent delivery, within three months, and they have exactly what you are looking for then add any extras you may want and click the green “order” button. It’ll take you to the order page. You will have one more chance to add any gig extra, then process the request. (If their last delivery was more than three months and you really like what they have, then message them to see if they are still active.)

You can pay with either credit card or paypal. Once it’s paid, Fiverr will hold and not release it to the seller until he/she has delivered and you have accepted.

You fill out the order requirement as requested by the seller. You need to do this rather quickly as the sellers have a timeline they have to meet. ** This is very important if you don’t do this they can NOT start the order. **

I understand what you are going through, it seemed confusing the first few times I made a purchase. Finding a seller alone was daunting. Now it seems second nature, I’ve done so many.

The third option is to use Buyer’s Request as mentioned by @eoinfinnegan above. There are plenty of instructions on how to use B.R. so I won’t go into it here.

Good luck/Gina

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Thanks everybody for your kind responses, matter of the fact is that I placed a
buyers request and had an overwhelming large number of bids, I scrutinised all the
bids paying particular attention to whether the seller had a gig similar to my job request
or not and if it did the number of reviews and when the review dates, had each every
seller provide tangible proof that they had a history of doing the job I was buying under
their belt, I don’t pay attention to portfolios any longer because many sellers list links
to sites passing them as work they did. maybe I am new on fiverr but I have been busy
as a buyer on another jobside and have come across many scammers, unethical, unprofessional sellers who think jobsides are a gift to them from God to make a quick buck
without doing their job.
Sorry, let me get back to the topic
I have finally narrowed my bid to the last one but the problem is that I want to hire him,
sign an agreement and I pay and we both set to work, unfortunately, I have hit a wall trying
to engage the winning seller. I have tried placing an order through the gig but unable to
because we have already arranged a lump sum for the job (PSD to HTML) for a large number
of pages and the number of pages doesn’t yield the amount we have agreed, in any of the three plans he is offering. So I placed a custom order based on the number of pages and agreed total amount and forwarded it to the seller, I have not heard from the seller yet and don’t know what the next step is.
The reason I say Fiverr is seller friendly rather than buyer is as an example you have a “Start Selling” and no “Start Buying” in the pulldown menu when you click on the user name.
I will leave it here, thanks for the long read.

This looks like sound advice, from my, a seller’s side, it seems that the most often recurring problem seems to be that some Buyers aren´t completely aware how the ordering process itself works, especially how to get the gig/order actually running, when they decided to accept the order.

More so, if they posted in Buyers’ Request section, I guess they, understandably, don´t see why they should send you the file they already attached there, and which you obviously read, referring to it in your offer, again.

I sent 2 or 3 Buyers, where I wasn´t quite sure, if they realized they´d have to send me their file again after they accepted my offer, a link to the fiverr-page that describes the process, but I might note down links to posts like yours, to link them to, if they seem as if they might not be averse to some additional info from more experienced fellow buyers -the system can be daunting and difficult to look through, even more so, if your English isn´t perfect.

Thanks for summarizing this so nicely!
(whispers: maybe a point to add would be that reviews are very important for sellers here and that, if their seller did a good job, it would be nice to leave them a good review. The sellers obviously would appreciate it, and not just because of the system, but also as an acknowledgement of the hard work they probably put into the job, if it was done well. :slight_smile: From reading on the forum, the ‘problem no review for a job done well’ crops up often - and I believe it´s not always that the Buyers don´t want to give one, but that they aren´t quite aware. )

What are you experiencing?

When you ask the seller for a custom offer and he doesn’t send you one, he most likely is hit by a truck or don’t want to work for you.
If he sends you a custom offer you only have to click on the green button to get things rolling.
It is really that easy!

Thanks for throwing a helping hand.
Finally succeeded to finalize my first order here
on Fiverr.
For now no problem