Need help with Impressions to clicks conversion rate


So, I’ve recently created a new gig here on Fiverr.

I think it’s pretty cool and I put a lot of work into my paintings, but I’m just not getting any clicks! I’ve had over 400 impressions so far and my conversion rate is less than 10%. This is very disappointing to me and if anyone would mind shining some light onto my situation, I’d really appreciate it.




Don’t pay too much attention to your conversion rate, especially if you have more than one gig running at a time. If you go into your gig analytics, you can look at the day-by-day conversion rate. For example, I have gigs that show a conversion rate of 50% for some days, but 0% for other days. If you do some math and divide your orders by your views, that’ll give you an idea how well you’re converting people who see your gig, but again, don’t put too much stock in conversion rate - it’s more of a “weather forecast” than anything.

If you have an averaged conversion rate showing on your analytics page of 10%, that’s actually pretty high. I’ve seen some very successful sellers on the forum say that their over-all conversion ratio is 6.5%. At the present moment, my over-all conversion ratio is sitting at 3%, but my individual gigs sit jump around between 5% and 10%.

I’m not into graphic design, so it’s possible that some of what I learned in my category (Astrology & Fortune Telling) won’t apply to your category, but if you’re interested you can look at a list of 32 things I learned on the way from new seller to level 2. I put them on the forum and you can read them here:

Also, if you want to increase your click conversion ratio, then you need to focus on your gig title and preview picture or video. Preview videos convert better, so create one and use it.

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:


Oh, what a relief! I thought that I was doomed when my impressions to clicks ratio was so low, but I guess it’s normal. Thanks for the list!