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Need help with my fiverr gig

Hello there. I am Rafshan,
I have opened a new fiverr account where I want to focus on branding. So I opened a logo design gig.
I was wondering as I have the option of making more 6 gigs what should they be.
I figured that logo animation gig would also be related.And may be poster designs.
Please could you suggest me preferable gigs that I could make for branding.
Thank you.

It all depends on your expertise and the demand of the market.

Also, the people who would have this insight would be your competitors. They aren’t going to give you insight that will give you an edge over them.

You need to research the supply and demand of what you’re offering. Don’t ask people here to do that for you.

Thank you for your advice. I wasnt asking anyone to do anything for me, atleast that is not how I wanted it to seem like. Anyway thank you for your advice. It is much appreciated.