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Need help with my new gig

I just created a new gig and want to know if it is to its maximum capacity. I will probably try to hire someone to do a video for it in the next day or so, other than no video is there anything that needs improving on?

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

I would try to figure out a particular niche’ or theme to target as although game ideas is a good focus, it’s rather broad. Making targeted gigs around things people may be searching for could result in a larger amount of sales.

Such as party game ideas, for example. I would even dig through the just for fun area to get an idea of what people seem to buying relevant to the service you want to offer. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sure does. Thing is the whole thing is pretty broad. Should I maybe title it video game ideas. Cause it is basically a gig to help people that are stuck in the beginning stages of creating a video game. Whether it be that they are new or just having a brain fart.

Well to go a bit further on there, broad isn’t always all bad but too broad and you don’t really get any exposure.

A good example being people that say “i’ll make you a voiceover” but don’t have a specific unique focus to it.

Perhaps “game design”, “develop game”, “game help”, “game consultant” and “game ideas”?

Note. “Game Design” at least from looking around seems to be the most popular keyword. In general, it doesn’t seem like a very competitive market, but that’s not necessarily a good sign.

Mixing in words such as “For Apps” and “For Windows”, things like this can help too.

Then you can get combinations such as “Game Design For Apps” “App Game Design” “PC Game Design”, etc. See what i’m getting at?

Example Title:

“Provide you video game design ideas for Apps and PC”

with focus on “game design”, “App Design” and “PC Game Design”.

Thank you very much for the help :). I have gone in and applied a change to the title and also to the tags as well. Any other advice for getting it out there? Do you think I should get a video for the gig?

I would say a video and packages if you’re able to add them but I don’t think that category has them yet.

Also a longer description with more clarity could be beneficial. Maybe even a background on why they should choose you over someone else. Do make sure to mention your keywords in the description too. Also more clarity in what exactly they will get may be a good idea. Sort of similar to your “create a level” gig structure. Maybe even attaching a few samples of game ideas to help give potential buyers an idea of what they may get.

I did notice for your “create a level for your game” maybe you should go for a focus of D&D themed keywords, too? This may actually help draw in more of an audience.

I would also consider lowering your pricing too for some of your extra-related things, even if they can be a bit time consuming as feedback goes a long way. I get most of my big orders based on the sheer volume of positive feedback I have on my gigs but I had to offer a lot of lower cost gigs to build up and establish a good bit of that feedback.

I went and updated the description :). I will probably go back and will probably provide a video for it tomorrow. I am also going to lower the cost of my level design gig and update the videeo on that tomorrow as well. How much would you recommend I lower the prices?

Thanks again for all the help! :smiley:

No idea on that one, really. I never really sold that type of service here. I would simply maybe offer everything you offer in your more pricey gig extras to bring in sales if you’re getting views, then once you get maybe 10 to 20 positive feedback to gradually bring extras back.

I have a few gigs that literally get hundreds of clicks and don’t get orders as everyone is always reluctant to be that first buyer so offering a lot for low cost initially will at least help buyers to establish trust in the quality of the product.

Maybe even digging around game forums, becoming active and putting your link in the signature if allowed could help to bring sales in, too.

Just as another follow-up to mention, ask also how an individual found you as that kind of input can go a long way towards better targeting. I see you got a few new sales, yay for progress!