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Need help with new projects

It’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t been receiving any orders recently. Kindly someone tells me how to get projects or is there a need to update my gig. Here is the gig

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I am not sure how you can promise “100% Results” and “Ranking someone’s site on the 1st page of Google”.

Even if you do great SEO, that does not guarantee this person will magically have their site on the 1st page of search engines as large as Google.

Think about it: if you were to sell this to someone and let’s say they did not end up on page 1, they could initiate a cancellation because you promised 100% Results and getting them to page 1 of Google search.



okay I will look into it. Thank you so much

Ms Guidance guides you well. Fiverr could even warn or cancel your gig for this promise as it breaches TOS.

Tell me, where do these backlinks come from? If I hire you to SEO my Musician & Mix Engineer website with a desire to get more clients? Who is linking to me? This always concerns me with these services. Saying they are ‘trusted’ makes me trust them less. This is a thing that you can address to help show that you know your stuff with more words in your Gig and FAQ.


I’m always leery about Gigs that offer backlinks.

I’ve hired Fiverr “SEO experts” a couple of times and the 20 Backlinks I got each time were Forum posts at random .edu and .com sites that were eventually removed by the Forum Admins at those sites as they did not include any relevant content.

I know this because I checked each one of them that were listed on an Excel “report” that showed them.

I hope you can do better than that as your Fiverr career will depend on it.

I will provide you with the local SEO, like from the place where you belong and by trusted I literally mean pure original traffic on your site.

You will not get such types of links from me. The sites I work on actually brings traffic and links are permanent until I myself doesnot remove them.

Every gigi want to do and SEO and fever Many more solutions in the community Form Deutsche all the time
Must be active at community , Thank you

Thanks but you see that does not make it any clearer for me. Or maybe it does, that this is not going to bring me more business. It may make me show when I self-Google with my + town names (so technically you did your job) but it won’t bring me real traffic as outbound links from those local sites - no one of any merit (to me anyway) visit - won’t bring me actual paying clients.

This is the issue that you need to overcome to build trust.

Further advice: See how much I wrote in both cases, yet you wrote less indicating you don’t “match” me. Yes I know I am an odd person, but you see here alone you lost two people who probably weren’t going to buy from you but as a trial run, you still didn’t win, let alone hold-your-own with.



I appreciate your response. Thank you

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