Need help with Payoneer card and Paypal


how can I verfiy my paypal account using the fiverr payoneer card?

and one more thing, can I send money from paypal to my Fiverr payoneer card?

Help would be appreciated!

thank you



Reply to @nissim_payoneer: thank you for your answer

I already added my credit/debit card and they took about 3$ from it and they told me about a code that I didn’t get yet…it’s been more than 3 days now…any way,I was wondering if you can tell me what should I do to have the ability to withdrawl my revenues on fiverr on my paypal account wich is connected to my card and not verified yet.

Ps:all of this can be solved if you allow us,fiverr guys,to withdrawl our money to the card directly even if it is less than 20$

Thank you



So long as PayPal is supported in your country and you have a valid PayPal account, you can add your Fiverr Revenue Card to your account. Simply add it as a new credit/debit card.

Note: make sure you have funds available on the card when you add it, as they will try to verify the card by charging it and it is prepaid.

If your PayPal account supports withdrawal to a US bank account, you can also apply for our US Payment Service. This provides you with a US collection account that can receive payments from US companies. All payments received are then funded directly to your card. You can read about it here:


You can withdraw your Fiverr earnings directly to Payoneer, by signing up for the Fiverr Revenue Card. The cost is only $1 per withdrawal. You would need to contact Fiverr support regarding any withdrawal limitations.

Regarding the PayPal verification, they will charge your card for a small amount, and leave a 4 digit number in the transaction description. You can check it by signing in to your Payoneer online account and viewing your transaction list.