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Need help with rights document for VO


I am purchasing a few Voice Over’s form a seller. Can anyone help me with commercial & broadcast rights documentation. A draft sample would be of great help.




Ask the seller what their policy is. If there isn’t one listed on their gig, then you have 100% rights according to Fiverr’s rules. Please be sure to read the Terms of Service for more clarification.

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Thanks for the advice, we are both looking out for some documentation. A sample document/format would have helped much.

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There is no such document. Fiverr’s rule is that if the seller does not offer their own terms in regard to rights ownership, then you automatically own all rights the moment the order is delivered. If you want more clarification on this, please read Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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All you have to do is google it. It’s a good rule in general to google things before asking in a forum.

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Can you guide me to a document after googling ?

Yes, I managed to get both the commercial and broadcast rights as gig extra. Thanks.

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No. That’s your job.

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Hope you have realised by now that it is no use googling… dont you think we do all that before posting ?