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Need Help with “Stock Image” Extra

I have read this but did not find proper answer and think to create new thread.

I received order from buyer and he select gig extra 'use premium quality image’

As buyer has paid me now from where I can find stock image? I thought I will get some options to choose and find images from order page but there is nothing related to it. Please guide …

Customer support may take some extra time which I dont have :frowning: … I am not sure this issue is with me or all members.

Happens also to me. Can’t find the widget nowhere. If anybody finds out post it here, or here: hyperlink-removed

Sheriff’s Note: The hyperlink led to this same thread. :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for helping to solve this issue, Please check PM with order # and screenshots.


Its look there is no solution and they thought to refund instead of fixing bug. I am worried about future orders also, I think Fiverr should stop that feature until it get properly fixed.

This is really sad moment, Fiverr support refund to buyer.

Gig image cost is $10

and remaining order is of $45

Instead of doing partial refund, they did complete refund. I already complete remaining order. Now I get loss of $45

As order is cancelled, there is no option to contact with buyer, I can not explain buyer the reason of cancellation and can not request him to place order again without selecting image extras.

There is mistake from my side or buyer ??? Its BUG in Fiverr new update then why I am suffering from loss?

It was easy for me to complete gig order, but I prefer to contact on forum and support and now see what I get from Support :frowning:

badly disappoint

Same thing happend to me, they refunded the buyer and I lost the order… : /

Reply to @madmoo: I’m doing that right now.