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Need help with two issues


Hi everyone–I need help/guidance…

  1. I responded to one of the sidebar “Request Gigs” items and I’m completing a gig that the person wanted. We’ve just been messaging back and forth. How do I turn it into a official gig so that I can get paid??
  2. Where do I find a link to my gigs? When I go to my gigs, and click on the link for one, it takes me to an EDIT page…not to the gig itself. I need to know where to find the actual URL for each of my gigs…

    Please help!




Just what I needed to know–thanks, everyone!


Hi groovy,

First off, don’t “complete” any work until the buyer pays for it - to keep it easy, just have them purchase one of your existing gigs.

Just click on your username to go to your profile page - all of your gigs will be listed.

Hope that helps.


The url you’d give them is: It lists all your gigs. Definitely direct them to that, before, finishing the project. You deserve to be paid for your time & talent.


You can also view your gig, under your gigs, using the preview down arrow.


Reply to @groovygal: You’re welcome!