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Need help with unfair negative review

Hi, I don’t know much about how this forum works but I hope I can get some help with this.

A few days ago, I started working on an order. I had to “write the texts for a business’ services”. I talked to my client, he told me what he wanted, which was to create the texts that were going on the “boxes” to promote the services of his company. I agreed, and he sent me the list of all the services, along with a horrible picture of the design, filled with arrows and notations. I was told this was for reference. I sent him a word file, and he said he wanted me to actually put the words on the “boxes” in paint. I said it was going to look aweful, so I willingly (oh, silly me) draw a simple sketch of the original picture in Corel Draw, to make it better, and I started filling them with a first batch of services (just to see if I was doing my work well).

He said he liked it and since I could draw, perhaps I could do “something more complex”. He also insisted that, on top of the description of the services, I added a price. I said I couldn’t put a price on something I had no idea what it was, but I ended up agreeing. However, I suggested that if he wanted me to do “graphic design” (which I don’t offer as a gig!!!), he had to pay extra; and I sent him an example of one of the “boxes” with a more “complex design” to show what I could do, and suggested that I could continue to develope that idea (or others), for an extra gig.

Then he replied and said "what do you mean by “graphic design?”. I told him what I’ve just wrote. He then said (OH, THE NERVE!) that he never asked me to do such a thing, that I had to put the text on that original, horrible image filled with notations (which was, of course, useless for a business website!).

So of course I got upset, and I said that he was taking me for a fool, that I’ve even sent him an example of what I could do, and that I was just suggesting that if he wanted me to, in addition to the texts, do graphic design, I’d had to charge him extra.

So what did he do? he just finished the order and gave me a negative review. AFTER ALL I’VE DONE!!! All because I suggested he paid extra when he asked for something I wasn’t supposed to do!!!

What now? I just have to sit and take it? Or can that one unfair review be deleted somehow?? Are there moderators???

Please help, I’ve started getting gigs around a month ago and I’ve worked really hard and had lots of happy clients, I don’t want to have my reputation ruined by one [deleted].

I’m not giving out his username, but I will if you ask me. DO NOT WORK FOR HIM!!!

mili__l said: Hi, I don't know much about how this forum works but I hope I can get some help with this.

Check out this... Fiverr Dos and Don'ts
Sure. You're angry. I get it. Please try to slow your roll.

1. Your gig descriptions need work.
- Explain exactly what the gig offer is.
- Explain exactly what the Buyer gets.
- Explain exactly how the Buyer can use it.
- Explain what the offer does not include.
- Explain what your Revision Policy is.

2. Never get into a debate, argument or war of words with a Buyer. Put your pride aside and be business like.

3. When a Buyer asks you to do something that is A) not in the gig description, or B) not in your wheelhouse, or C) just not possible. KINDLY explain to the Buyer that unfortunately you do not offer that service at this time.

4. Maybe if you had handled this differently, you could have turned it around and avoided a negative review.

5. Ranting and asking for help is one thing. But going on a public Forum and calling a Buyer a "bastard" shows that you are not a business professional, and that remark will cause more harm to your reputation, than 1 negative review will ever do.

6. Put "getting started on fiverr" in the Search Function and read the topics.

7. It is not allowed to name or call out others on the Forum.

Red flags would have been going off almost immediately for me with this buyer and I would have quickly told him I needed to cancel the sale. I would have explained that what he wanted was beyond what I could do. The first red flag would have been that awful design he sent with the arrows all over. That would have let me know it was not going to work out. Sometimes you get buyers like this and you have to turn them down, in a very nice tactful way.