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Need help: work done, buyer want to cancel

Hi everyone,
I recently had an order after discussing the details with the buyer. I started working on the first design, once done I’ve delivered it to the buyer, she asked for some changes, I did that and send it back. Suddenly she asked for a cancellation saying that, and i’m quoting: I feel i rushed to do this, you are awesome I just don’t think it’s the good time for this.
She sent a cancellation request that I declined 2 times. What shall I do, any advices please?


Complicated situation… you can cancel and lose the $ … you can decline the request and risk a bad review … or you can keep communicating with your buyer and convince him that you already did what you initially agreed .


Thank you, for the review part, If I dont rate the work with the buyer, doesn’t that mean that the review won’t be displayed on my profile so it won’t be counted?

the review will appear after 10 days even if you don’t leave a review for your buyer , that won’t help .

My Opinion, I think you should accept this cancelation.
Delivery rate is much easier to maintain than 5 star rating, and buyer tend to focus on rating than delivery rate.
With 5 star rating, you can get more buyer easier next time.

For me it would depend on how much the order is, and how much time you put into it. The buyer’s reasoning, granted I can’t see the conversation, to me sounds sort of sketchy, especially if you’ve already completed the work and they’re not giving you anything else to revise? Up to you, but instead I would ask what they would like to revise, and refuse a cancellation.

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