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Need help - "Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team"

We have got the message now that buyer asked to contact via phone but we write back this message(we are attaching the screenshot). Is it something wrong?! Thanks! Untitled-1

No worries, if the automatic check gets triggered by some words that could mean potential breach of the terms, the message is forwarded to an actual human to check for context.
They’ll wave it through once they see you refused the contact by phone.

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Yes, it’s logical we’ve thought this also. Thank you very much

I also had the same warning in the past month. It’s because of the Fiverr automatic scanning system, it scans for words like - “email”, “star”, “review”, "@”. In this case, Fiverr thought that you want to contact your buyer outside from Fiverr, and that’s why you received that warning. After they review your message, they should allow it to pass.

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Thank you😇 for example if we will ask buyer(if he is sutisfied) to complate the order, is this against the rull?

Asking him/her to add a 5 star review is against the rules.

Yes, we know this. Question was that if we ask to complete the order(close) it before order will close automatic. Thanks

I think this is not against the rules. Here are the TOS:

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