Need help!


I have gif animation below and want it in video for my gig (animated cartoon from your portrait for $5).

But I dont know how to convert it into video. Does anyone know ?


Photoshop can do the job. Open your GIF in Photoshop, choose file/export/render video You can export in mp4 or quicktime format. hope that helps


but ‘render video’ menu is greyed (not active)


You should be using Photoshop extended. I’m using cs6 I think this feature is also present in cs5.5


hi artportrait, pls … how if you do this and I will draw animated cartoon of you for free ?


I just tried it using your GIF, it should work. You can google “can’t export using render video in photoshop”


If you would be doing that a lot, you should find a video converter. There’s tons of free or opensource apps you can use.


hi artportrait, thanks anyway…


you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Reply to @wildgirl: I missed your question “how if you do this and I will draw animated cartoon of you for free ?” I did the same steps I mentioned in my first reply

Opened your GIF in Photoshop, chose file/export/render video. I actually tried exporting both in mp4 and quicktime formats, it worked on both. I tried to attach it here but the file was rejected because it says file not supported.

Thanks for the free cartoon offer, appreciated, but you don’t have to :slight_smile: hope I was able to help.