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Need Help


I was level 2 seller, then my account was hacked and I submitted the proof and I now access to my account but my level 2 seller badge is gone I don’t know why??

My rating was 94%, due to disable of account I was unable to complete 1 order at the time,so my rating is now 93% is that a reason…


I am sorry this happened to you. Take this as a lesson learned, don’t give out any personal information and do not open any links or files. Anyhow you worked hard to get to Level 2 and I am sure that if you go back to the delivery of a quality product as you did before you will be back to Level 2 in no time. If you are still concerned you can contact Customer Support. Good luck with your gig(s)


yes I have learned a lesson.

Please don’t click the links in the attachment.

I contacted customer Support, lets see what happens…


I never contacted anyone outside the fiverr.i just opened a attachement to view about him and write about him page for the sales letter.


.txt file