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Need help


when some one is block from contacting his buyers, or restricted from communication, and there revenues was hidden because they wanted to make a payment please what will the person do to retrieve his account


I don’t understand. It does not appear you have made any sales, so you would not have revenues or buyers yet. What am I missing?


If your account was restricted, Fiverr may freeze your revenues for 30 to 90 days until all issues are resolved. After that time you’ll be able to withdraw your revenues. You can file a report with customer support if you haven’t already heard from them to find out why your account was suspended and how long you’ll need to wait (although they usually tell you at the time it happens, so you may need to go re-read any emails you already got about this).


Reply to @fonthaunt: They may have completed a sale and received revenues but if a buyer doesn’t rate the transaction the job doesn’t appear in the gig sale count.


Reply to @inkpetal: Ah, thanks.