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Need help

hi I am new on I have made 5 gig about 20 days ago but still didn’t get any sell please check my gig and give me some advice what need to change in my those gig that I can get sell and earn some money

Have you been sending buyer’s request on a daily basis? you should also try uploading a video to each gig if you can. Promote your services through other social medium, Best wishes.

ya I have send and still sending buyer’s request but there’s no result and working on videos for upload. I don’t know how to promote on social medium will you please help me for knowing how to do it

try to find someone to give you 4star or 5star , then people will start coming to you

I don’t agree with girards. Fake review is against TOS. I can help you. I am experience Fiverr user from last one year and earned almost 18000$ within a year. Create Facebook page and post all design over there and gigs links and videos as well. Add click to call action button on your fb page & add your profile link in it. Keep update your page regularly. Get as much likes you can.