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Need help!

Hello guys! I want to tell you what happened to me in order to see if it happened to somebody before. Today I got an order from somebody which, after I checked her profile,appears to be a seller too. After two minutes since the order I got a cancelation request from her on the reason" poor english in our conversation". First, I want to make clear that I never had a conversation with her, so, I responded nicely asking for what she needs me to write and to announce her that is a mistake and we never had a conversation. Her aswer to that was: “Well, if you do not cancel it, it will be automatically canceled in two days and I will have a chance to write a review on why I chose not to use your services. If you willingly cancel, you can save yourself the negative review”. My guess is that since she is a newie, she wanted to mess with my ratings. What do you think? Did it happened to you? Can I contact fiver to solve the problem?

I would do the mutual cancellation. Then contact Fiverr to let them know. Always be polite when you write to any buyer and also to Fiverr for best results.

Just tell them that you told us here, and that she wrote you back a threatening message. You did the cancellation but wanted to let Fiverr know since you were being bullied t check on this seller…something like that.

Maybe she placed the order by mistake which already happened to me as well. Especially when you are on a mobile device, one wrong move and poof the order is in, since there is no confirmation button. She probably then used the “poor English” as an excuse.

Just agree to the mutual cancellation and don’t be bothered :wink: . Very rude on her part though to threaten you with negative feedback.