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Need help!



I am not been able to reply at my inbox may be because of that fake seller who ask me for help and i refused because he posted a fake request at buyers request section and when i applied to that he just inbox me to help him on how to send the buyers request…Also start abusing when i told him that sending request at buyers request being a seller is not acceptable and reported me so that i am not been able to reply him for that…I think he reported me as spam that is why i am not been able to reply anybody now…

I contact customer support with this…and waiting for there response…I never do any such activity on fiverr which is against your policy and just because a fake seller reported me as spam…it will affect my account…please help!!


Yes you are right there are some sellers in buyer requests section promoting


They will fix it if you are innocent.


Yes and that is why i complaint against him to CS …


Yes the inbox is active now but i don’t think they have taken any action against that seller…