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Need help

Hello every one. Please any body tell me about my issue. I am a new seller and doing work from some days .Some buyers gave me 5 star reviews .but one buyer had changed his reviews from 5 star to 2 star. After that when i go to buyer request the error will be appear ( at least 90 % positive rating required). any body tell me how i can solve this issue. Humbly thank full to you.

I’m not sure why the person changed his/her rating, but there must be a reason behind it.
Did the buyer explain why he/she changed the rating to such a low one? If so, did it make sense?
You can try contacting that buyer and ask. If his/her reason seems reasonable though, there
isn’t much you can do. If the reason seems unfair to you, you can try talking to the person and
he/she might change the rating back to a positive one.
If he/she doesn’t change the rating, there isn’t much you can do, all you can do is hope to get
more orders and higher ratings.

The reason for changing (from the OP’s profile): “Lost about 15 or more subscribers the day after delivered”

And then another buyer left a 3.5 star review.

Since the service itself is breaking a third party’s ToS, I doubt that much can be done.