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Need Helpppppp for my new account


I am new in fiverr. I dont know anything about fiverr. I need help. Can anyone help me???


Well, if you do not know anything, how come you signed up? Ask specific questions. It is really hard to answer “anything.”


If you’re new to Fiverr, you must read the below (these are basically tutorials, guides & tips to get you started and keep you safe from violating Fiverr’s rules):

You can’t imagine how many newbies don’t read the above, and then they come back here complaining that their gigs got banned, their accounts suspended, or why they can’t get any sales. So trust me, if you plan on staying on Fiverr for a longer time, it’s a must read.

P.S. and please also try using the Search functionality of this forum (or browse around), you’ll find a lot of tips & advice on how to get your first sales, on how to improve your gigs and advance to higher levels, etc.


thanks a lot. i will follow ur suggesion.


i dont know anything about fiverr means i dont know anything after opening a fiverr account.
Anyway sorry for the inconvinent.


thanks a lot. i will follow ur suggesion