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Need Helps, Cause i want rights guide line for start my carrier


I am Masum, from Bangladesh I want to study and freelance as well, know some work. But due to the lack of proper guideline, I am a big helpless today. I do not know the work yet I can not get the job. I wish all your help. Please understand my words and I am hopeful to get your reply. If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven.**


I’m not all too sure what your asking. Are you looking for a skill that you can sell here on Fiverr? If so, none of us can help with that, the service you choose is solely based upon your own skills.


Yes, I know work. But how can I get success please tell me please?


No one can help you be successful or tell you how. You simply need to work hard like the rest of us and do your best to entice customers through gig description and your gig pictures/examples.