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Need helps form expert sellers

I’m in Fiverr today for 16 days. I’m opening my gig with a lot of hope and research.I’m giving buyer request regularly but I’m not getting any work. Should I edit gig?please expertise see my gig. What should I do now?
My gig link :


This is a link to manage your gigs - something we can’t do, of course.

Remove the “manage_gigs” portion of the link, clicking on that doesn’t take us to the right page.


Share your Gig link properly.
Thanks :heart:

1 Like this is my fiverr link… this is my fiverr link

Had a look at your gigs. I’m not an expert on your field, so I might be wrong, but here are a few suggestions. First, you have too many gigs that look (and maybe actually are?) the same. Try to get rid of too many similar gigs. Even one gig can sell, if it is properly managed. I have only one in my profile and it works for me.
Second, your gig images are too “wordy”. Try to make the keywords bigger, and have lesser unrelated words.
Third, you can explore some more keywords related to your gig and include them in your gig description.
Apart from that, you just have to keep trying. Most sellers get their first order months after starting, so 16 days really isn’t compared to that. Getting the first sell is the most important, and it requires constant experiments, dedication and time. Good luck!


Thank you for give me suggetion . But i have one question .if i do edit my gig any problem for this?