Need hepl about gigs


hi every one need your help . i hv no idea where the problem in my gigs, no buyer requests according to my gigs . kindly help , thanks


I checked your Gigs, the category and description looks good as far as Writing and Translation goes. But you are targetting a very niche specific market. There are not a lot of buyers for Urdu to English and English to Urdu translators. Let alone, translation gigs are not extremely high in demand within the realm of writing.


HEY, What I analyze in your profile is you are unique to " One region" But as you know Fiverr is an international market. So, you have to come up with something unique and demanding on Fiverr related to your niche getting my point? :slight_smile: Moreover, the tags matter a lot. You need to select the correct category for your gig. Please work on it.



There’s nothing wrong in doing something that haven’t been done before. This actually is a good thing. It helps you stand out from the crowd (no pun intended) :slight_smile: You’re in a platform where people just copy each other’s gigs in hopes of attracting their clients! That is also not right. Your gig service you offer should be unique (with common tags and seo optimization related to the category you are in offcourse)

I checked out your gigs too. You may want to change your profile picture from a kid to your own picture or a unique logo relating to your name for instance like mine. I’ve my profile picture set to my brand logo - which in turn is the Initials of my real name :slight_smile:

Rest depends on your skills, your hard work interspersed with some intelligent marketing of your gigs (outside of Fiverr). Please NEVER USE THE BUYER’S REQUESTS SECTION if you want to to remain an honest seller.

I too will soon introduce musical genres which has never been introduced before here on Fiverr by anyone :slight_smile:

Currently, I am targeting the major music market,i.e. dance music genres only.

Best of luck!

MKG Arts


hy , thanks for your time and reply guys . My all skills are about creative writhing and translation .


And no idea about tag am really confuesd how to select perfect tags


well thank you so much manish30885 for your time and reply and also advice about my profile picture . but what do you mean about buyer request.


thanks for your time . Please NEVER USE THE BUYER’S REQUESTS SECTION if you want to to remain an honest seller.?


You are new so you might not be aware of this. That’s fine.

Buyer’s request section is located under “selling” menu. It’s a section where you can find many buyers wanting to hire sellers as per their category of work and requirements. But many sellers “spam” this section with self promotional messages to get buyers! It’s solely a malpractice and Fiverr will eventually take action against all those sellers who are found to misuse this feature.

Hope you understood it :slight_smile:


In simple words, I mean, just respond to Buyer’s requests relating to your field of work to gain clients and don’t post any requests yourself under this section. You will be fine :slight_smile:


tags are common search terms that people mostly use to find a suitable gig. You can add up to 5 tags per gig


Your welcome :slight_smile:

(please do check my gig and video, you’ll enjoy it … 20 characters filled :wink: )


hahahha well thanks again ,( and now what about my profile picture ) :slight_smile :relaxed:


hi thanks mam , am still confuse about tags what do you mean that You need to select the correct category for your gig. Please work on it , kindly guide about this , thanks


Hey look whatever your field or working category is let’s say you are a designer and you are selling designing work here but you are not properly ready until you do not choose the right tags!!

But what are the tags? Tags are those words which buyer will search in the search bar. I your tag is same for what buyer is looking for then the chances are more high… Are you getting my point?