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Need html landing page gig!



So here’s the deal.

I’m a long time customer of Instapage and now for the 3rd time in a row they increased their pricing. This time I’m fed up with it and I want to leave. But I can’t export my landing pages to html. Basically they’re holding me hostage :wink:

I’m looking for someone who can convert my Instapage landing pages to HTML so I can host them on my own server without needing Instapage.

Some of the pages have a leadform that sends data to my email or to an Aweber list. So conversion also means that the forms should keep working without needing Instapage.

Who can do this or point me to the right gig?


Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to extract HTML code from Instapage. I doubt anyone would want to extract the source code and then replace Instapage code.

If it’s not a huge site you can move the content manually (copy/paste). Although my first question would be why do you wish to convert the site to a regular HTML site? Have you thought about the backend, security, maintenance etc? Why not move to a CMS such as WordPress?

Unless you’re good at HTML/CSS/SQL/PHP, it would be waste of time. I haven’t seen your site, but I think you should at least consider WordPress.


They’re not websites. Just 1 page landing pages. Wordpress would be overkill imo. Once converted I could easily make changes using an editor like Brackets with my limited HTML knowledge.


If it’s just one landing page then simply copy/paste the content. Although who’s going to build you a secure form & link it with Aweber? Basic HTML knowledge won’t cut it here. Although you can probably copy a script.

I don’t offer landing page design myself, but a decent WP developer will set up a simple landing page with a contact form in less than 2-3 hours. WordPress gives you the chance to grow.

Without knowing all the details here’s a cost-effective combo I would recommend for someone who doesn’t want to invest much right now, but want’s to keep their options open.

  • Hosting from SiteGround (Great support, free SSL, reliable, simple cPanel)
  • Elementor for Wordpress theme (basic version is free, it has visual builder and plenty of free designs)
  • Aweber (use their native form if you don’t wish to invest in Gravity Forms or WPForms)
  • Updraft for backups (has a free version with automatic backups in case you screw up)
  • iThemes to keep your site secure (basic version is free)
  • WP Fastest Cache (minifies, compresses and basic features are free)
  • Cloudflare for CDN in case your clients are international
  • And of course the usual analytics shake to track everything (Search Console, Google Analytics + Hotjar to make it really creepy)

Too much? For an average developer it’s just a morning exercise while they drink their coffee :slight_smile:
If you look hard enough I’m sure you can find a person who has a template for this.

Anyway, good luck and hopefully it works out for you.


Yes,I have a way to convert instapage landing into html but it’s secret souce !since I use to make landing page in inistapage and export it from there as html


Great, that’s what I’m looking for. Send me the details please.


Yeah not what I’m looking for at all. But thanks for the effort.

I have a VPN at Vultr for hosting
I host a lot of pages there on various domains
Yes I use Hotjar and VWO
I use Amazon for CDN
I use Voluum for advanced tracking
I don’t want to use WP for my landing pages

I send massive amounts of traffic to these pages. So I need them as lightweight as possible. Maybe I should have explained more clearly. I’m sorry.


No worries. It’s a public forum so I’m sure someone will find it useful :slight_smile:


I think I found one…

But it’s paused :expressionless:


That one probably left Fiverr, his last delivery was 2 years ago.

You can post a request on the main site, hopefully people who can do what you need will send you their offers.


LOL totally missed that feature. Posting request now. :blush: