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Need ideas to have some fun on the forum


Someone created a thread on the negativity on 5r forum. Truth be told, each platform is designed to cater to a group of people who share a commonality.

On Amazon and other writing forum, people share the frustration of not getting sales and bad buyer ripping us off as much as 5r.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media is typically catered to what and how you set it up. In other words, if you’re getting a great deal of negativity, perhaps you should revamp it to more positive people.

This forum, unlike others, is unique because the people participating are diverse in what they sell. 5r also encourages to have fun here. If I recall there were several threads that had nothing to do with 5r but just plain relaxing:

  • Limericks by ultra talented Em
  • Tell a story by artistically talented Zeus
  • Draw picture on paint also by the ingenious Emma
  • Plus several others

What would you like to see, read or participate on that would be fun? It has to be something NON 5r related. :heart::wilted_flower:


The Ms Paint challenge was one of my most favs. I need threads like the way Em’s threads were. No doubt, 95% FUN on forum was by Who need guesses, of course Em.


The Fun’n’Games threads always fade into oblivion when they’re pushed off the first page :sob:

I’d like to see this established here: but with any actors. Could be a nice challenge, with folks from all over the world, connecting Bollywood to Bolivian Arthouse :slight_smile:


“What can you buy with 5$ in your country?” was really fun and informative thread.


I think @wuerz123 can be much helpful for this kind of work. :thinking:


Amazon has a forum? Link please!


Amazon has a seller forum that you can find through a link on the lower left side of your account screen. I don’t know if it has a buyer forum.


Okay, I had a seller account on Amazon long time ago. Let me check.


Yes, Amazon has a public forum. It’s great for discussing or venting frustration over sales status and those unbelievably cheap buyers who return 0.99 ebooks after a week.:grin:


Didn’t get the link…I used to be a seller on Amazon India, not on .com. [Oh I’m an idiot…use Google…guess I am tired]


Lol this made me laugh so hard. People really do that. :joy::joy:


Bhai this is what I googled and easily found it. “Amazon India seller forum.” Btw I made a seller account on Amazon few years ago when I was in school. I wanted to buy antique coins from local used goods market and sale them there. But I was too young back then and I got scared of the documents to upload and dropped the idea. :sweat_smile: What did you sell?


Books - used books - on eBay and Amazon. Didn’t make much, but kept me busy for a year.


Yup, and you thought people that do chargeback on $5 orders were cheap. :laughing::laughing:


I loved the pet thread and getting to see everyone’s cute companions! :dog2: :hamster: :cat2:


I forgot about that one. I loved reading that one. :heart:


What about a game along the lines of…

Your rock band name=

Favorite fruit/vegetable
And the topic of your last conversation (one word)"

So my Rock Band name would be:


Edit: my phone spelled vegetable wrong



I like it. :heart:


And how about that foody thread by Gina.