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Need ideas to improve my gigs


hi guys,

i am not getting any orders so i thought my gigs are not that much good i guess :pensive:

this is the link to my profile:

can you guys check out my profile and give me some ideas to make my gig better.

your comments will be much appreciated.

thanks for your time :slight_smile:


I don’t have much knowledge on the type of the gig you’re offering but my advice for you would be Study your competition and offer something that the top sellers don’t for a much cheaper price at least for the start you should have some kind of leverage and that could be offering cheap prices or something different.

otherwise people don’t have a reason to order from you since they can do it from someone with allot of exposure and reviews.

When you get few reviews, customers then slowly you could adjust your price accordingly to what works best. and remember that you can always adjust your gig and see what works best.

good luck.


you have a great gigs. you should promote your service to your social media channels
nothing to add on your gigs i think

good luck


thanks for your time and suggestion :slight_smile:


well yeah i do need a lot of good luck :smile: thanks btw