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Need ideas to share gigs

Need some more ideas on how to share my gigs apart from social media platforms


Tell your friends and relatives about what you decided in the fiverr)

Try to make your gigs more buyer attractive and get your desired clients. Sharing may increase your clicks and impressions…But not always bring the actual clients.

Yes, you are right. How to bring actual clients ?

Most of the buyers knock the active sellers …so Bhai try to active because any time they knock you. Besides, without any gig marketing you can count Clicks on your gigs. Then you will get an idea how many actual client visit your gig…then analyze why they don’t message you.find the faults and solve it. If they message then take an order :slightly_smiling_face:


Would you just take a look at my gigs and see if they are okay. It might help me a lot.

@simjais Ok…Share please .Altough i’m also a new seller

You can check through my profile. The link is there I guess.

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Thank you Bhai :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@simjais I think the problem on your gigs title… Make a SEO keyword based title. that’s why buyer can easily find you after search. And use more attractive Gig image …add 2-3 images that work you have done before. I think it will be helpful for you

yes, I’m agree with you:)