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Need immediate advice on file submission on daily basis for a month on fiverr

Hello guys,

Actually today I came across a buyer request which was quite big and was related to audio transcription work.

The buyer quoted that the work will be of long term maybe of 6 months and it requires daily transcription of at least 10 mins.*

I replied that I can do the transcription daily for 30 days. My questions are as follows:-

[1] Will I be able to accept files on daily basis
[2] If I can accept on daily basis then how to submit work on daily basis
[3] Do you people think that this person can be planning a scam
[4] I have already submitted the work proposal in the buyer requests as I was quite curious so, what can I do know? Can I drop the request or can I cancel the order when selected?
Please shout out your suggestions. Your buddy needs your help, urgently! :pleading_face:

Sounds like you already know to not extend beyond 30, so good on you there.

There should be no problem with the receiving, as long as there’re no connection issues on either end, though this seems like poor planning on the buyer’s part.

This is where the problem is. Technically each soundbite should be its own, individual, 24-hour, maybe-rush order, and the work delivered through the ‘Delivery’ button on the order page.
If the buyer is making daily recordings they should make daily orders. I understand that ‘buying bulk’ saves them a bit, but if they had planned better, they could have made prerecordings and properly bought ‘bulk’.

It’s possibly legit, but you haven’t mentioned budget. Though, if they’re not planning ahead for their content, then it’s a tad worrisome that they’ll actually submit the recordings in a timely manner.

Like you do for any offer you submit. If they contact you or not, so be it.

Offers to BRs cannot be withdrawn. If, IF, they accept your proposal, try to ask some more questions. If they don’t answer or engage, before you start the work, yeah, it might be worth considering canceling.

“Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.”
– Bob Carter

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He has sent me some guidelines today and has said that will start work from 28. Though he still hasn’t bought any gig now.

In his request it was request for English and Hindi I selected for only English. Now, he tells me that I need to do Hindi want to do please guide.

If there is no order, don’t start work.

Tell the buyer ‘no’ that isn’t what you agreed to.
Please read:

He agreed that day after 10 or 11 messages from me and said, “we will see if anything is there for you”.

Thank God!

But I am not getting orders sent 24 buyers requests not even one contacted. I provided everything at $5 only still…