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Need Immediate help

I need immediate guidance,
A buyer submitted the order and he don’t submit the info and order time did not start counting,
Now the buyer says he changed his mind and need a refund,
How should I cancel the order that will not effect my ratings and level demotion.
Please Guide ASAP,

That’s a difficult one… You can try to ask Customer Support to cancel it for you without affecting your stats (remember to mention that it’s not your fault and that the buyer changed his mind, and ask them to cancel it without affecting your stats). It has worked for some sellers, but for others, it didn’t.

Another option would be to ask the buyer if there is something else you could do for him, for the same amount he already paid.


Thank you so much for sharing the details,
I just submitted the request with screen shots of the conversation and requested the seller to wait until fiverr supports response and he agreed and I have assured him 100 % refund guarantee.
I will keep updating this issue here as well.

Just cancel it and ask cs for no level demotion as it is not your fault

@joinusama cancel it through cs…i mean open ticket and cs will cancel it for you…this will not affect your profile…

I experienced the same problem but CS told me it will decrease order completion rate and after cancel the order my rate decreased.