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Need Immediate Solution for Bad Review

Hello Dear Fiverr World, I’m Luna Digital marketing Expert, I’m New On Fiverr, I was Got 3 Review 2 5***** Star and 1 2.3***** Review, My Review Is Now 4.1 Rating, How Can I improve my rank? May i Get New Order in This Rating?

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did you delete the gig that review was on?

for the benefit of the tape; i can see the rating on her profile, including a picture of a youtube channel, but can’t see the relevant gig for context

you won’t be able to do anything about it besides hoping for better luck in future gigs, which you should get. what happened if you don’t mind me asking?

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Do you best efforts for your client satisfaction. Be professional and patience than you will be succeed

Just ignore that bad review and MOVE ON…continue giving your 100% with all hard and dedication, trust your skills… and also try to be clear with gig related things with client from the start of the gig, be in touch with client during gig, clear his/her each n every small doubt.


Not sure what “immediate” solution you want because there is none.
Reviews are permanent and will stay on your account. Even if you deleted your gig.
The only way to improve your score is to complete more projects with high rating.