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Need important advice for my underselling

Hello, I’m about to stop underselling since I have collected many 5 star reviews and soon I’ll be level 1 seller.

Here’s the kind of advice I need. I’m offering content writing. Shall I increase my price for the gig or shall I decrease the number of words I’m offering for the same price? What are the pros/cons of each move and what do you suggest?

I will explain this simply with an example:

Initial gig $5 --> 500 words article

To make it: 5$ --> 250 words article


to make it: 10$ --> 500 words article

And what happens if for instance I become level 2 or top rated seller? Should be considered too.


I would go with 2nd option personally because 250 words are way too less for a basic pakage. It should all start from a bigger number.
Also if yout gig will start from $10, it will repel some scammers who search for $5 gigs.
I am not a writer. It’s just my opinion.


One step at a time. Get to level 1 first and see whether your sales increase, decrease or stay the same over say three months. Then, and only then think about further changes.

For now, my preference would be to always increase the financial amount, and to leave the word count alone. 500 words feels fair. 250 words feels mean. Whether it’s $5 or $10 is immaterial - a good buyer won’t mind the price.


Both options are still underselling. You’re just changing the scope.

Both of these are bad options. What is the point of getting more sales if you’re still going to charge yourself less than minimum wage to do them?


What do you suggest? By changing the scope what do you mean? Could you give an example.

I said you already changed the scope remember?

All freelancers need to know what a scope is, so if you don’t you need to look it up.