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Need improvements in my Gig for 2021

Need your suggestions for improvement in my gigs. I have tried all the methods which I could think of but still not getting orders and the graphs are continuously falling. Here is the link to my profile:


Just as I indicated here: What are the best tips for a seller in 2021? As we all know the marketplace in expanding day by day & it’s though to stay at your position, because the rising number of freshers - Your Fiverr Experience / Conversations - Fiverr Community Forum

You need to transition from thinking that the world owes you something to making an offer that solves a problem. Right now your “I will build professional mobile responsive wordpress website woo commerce store” is full of poor writing, spelling, and grammar errors (none too terrible but they take their toll as they add up) and most importantly:

The gig looks like you are generic and begging for orders rather than proving that you are the best choice for solving my problem.

  • Stunning design” Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Don’t oversell. Does anyone paying $50 for a website & shop reasonably expect a designer design? No. They hope for something that works, i.e. something that reliably helps them to sell their bit of bent plastic.

  • Fulfilling your requirements” Really? Who is not there to fulfill the requirements of a customer? Stating that instead of something that shows actual capability and real results says that you are weak. not strong.

  • Quality work” means nothing when you say it. Matter of fact it raises the whole quality question instead of answering it. Especially after those last two points. Show the quality of your work in some that elevates you above being just another generic install a template person.

  • 100% Satisfaction” I ask you right now to write in 25 words or less something that will 100% satisfy me. Can you do this? No, because you have no idea how to guarantee satisfaction. I bet that Rolls Royce knows that some of its customers will not be 100% satisfied. I know that some first time Rolls buyers used to get upset because the handcrafted wood & leather didn’t seem perfect compared to the Ford they had before with machine-made fake wood & leather. Understand who your real buyer is and focus on that instead of trying to be everything.

You may think writing these things makes you seem safer, I know it makes you seem less trustworthy to genuine customers. I have given suggestions to counter each.



you are a best. thank you.
I’ve been very helpful to you. :grinning: :smiley:If you have any further advice, give us

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Give. No.

I gave, you demanded more. You must remember that life is must be a two way thing :wink:


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ok Thakn you :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I will look into the highlighted area and would definitely improve.

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